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Working hard to get our website back up and running. We were using an older version of a Content management System. Everything is getting updated and we hope to share more of our letterpress experiences with you.

Our Presses

We have a 1927 10 x 15 Chandler and Price and a Show Card press

Exploring the World of Letterpress

Custom Letter Forms

Shop Bike.

Every print shop needs to have a shop bike.

Recent Project

Famous quotes are the perfect subject for creative letterpress designs.

30-Line Gothic Poster

It wasn’t a light package the delivery man left at the front door. You would expect a big box of letterpress 5″ wood type to be on the heftier side. And it was. About a year ago I had already filled on drawer of the Hamilton Case with 18-Line All Caps Gothic Poster. Any day you can fill a drawer with wood type is a good day. Today is a better than average day because 3o-line Poster Gothic filled two drawers.

Pedal Car Poster

A couple of years ago we went to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire and I saw a photo of a little kid and his pedal car. I knew I wanted to use it in a design. I had to have it.

A Package From Romania

Been looking at some wood type by PetrescuPress (Now Wood Type Customs) on ebay and etsy. They are out of Romania and the price seems very reasonable. So I decided to buy some simple motifs to see if it looked as good in real life.

A Day at the Fair – Bay Area Printers’ Fair.

This was our second year going to the San Jose Printer’s Guild’s event. Officially called the S.F. Bay Area Printers’ Fair & Wayzgoose. As usual this is a small gathering of like minded individuals who enjoy the art and history of letterpress printing. It’s a good opportunity to purchase items for our studio.

The Letterpress Shop’s New Bike

To say we have a new bike for our studio implies that we had an old one – We didn’t. I just thought it would be fun to have a cruiser bike. Something a little slower pace than a feather light road bike or an off-road mountain bike.

More Big Wood Type

Well, imagine my surprise when I wondered into an antique store in Walnut Creek, CA almost two years latter and find more big letters. The letters O(x3), another Z, F,T and L.

14 Pounds of Type in a Little Box

Purchased some san serif 72pt type off ebay the other day. Imagine my wife’s surprise when she went to pick up the little package left on the porch. Lets just say it caught her off guard. She never expected it to be 14 pounds.

To Quote Thoreau

I have been playing around with this complex arrangement of all “sorts” of miscellaneous items from our type cases. Little bit of wood type, some 72pt and 48pt lead foundry type, odd sized borders, and decorative elements. Ran a few test prints on the...

Big Letterpress Type

Today, I had a big find. In my never ending search for wood letterpress type I’m always looking for type when ever we go antique shopping. Usually a big find would mean a lot of letters. The more letters the better. Today, I only found a couple of letters, but...

Welcome to TimePressesOn.

Anita and Ken are the proprietors of TimPressesOn.

Anita has a background in Scrapbooking, having managed a store for several years. Scrapbooking fuses her passions for travel and documenting memories. Ken and Anita are adventure buddies, loving to road trip to new places. What’s a road trip if you can’t find a nice antique store to browse.

Ken has a background in graphic design. For over 20 years he has designed everything from corporate collateral to branding for special events. As his professional career keeps moving more digital ken wanted a more analog outlet for creativity. The purchase of a 10” x 15” 1927 Chandler & Price letterpress was the perfect solution. Both Ken and Anita love ephemera. Things like Victorian Trade Cards always capture their collective imaginations.

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