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Mystery Type Font Solved

Screen shot 2012-05-16 at 8.49.21 PM Slimline

















Few unidentified fonts in the case. Think this mystery is solved. Spent some time online looking trough a few old type specimen books. Identifying the font as Slimline N0. 241 was the first step. I then took inventory. Quickly saw that all the letter-I was missing. What can you do with out a key letter in the font. Update: 1-30-2013, Just received my ebay purchase. Lets call it a booster pack. Lots of “I”s, now I have 14 , Plus the all so rare “Z”, now I have a total of 5. Very important letter when your last name has double Zs.

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  1. Emily

    Which type foundry made this font? I believe I have the same and am curious where it came from. Thanks!


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