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Cheltenham Wood Type

Let’s just say I may have been overly excited when I found this type at an antique store. I don’t no about you, but I have a formula for how much I like to pay for wood type. Needless to say, I paid up for this lot. I tried to negotiate but there wasn’t much give. Don’t get me wrong, I have no buyers remorse. Just didn’t want to pay full price for numbers and punctuation. Then again, I didn’t want to see anymore of the set broken up. Serif type is a premium, and Solid type with matching inline will always put a smile on your face. That is if you’re into letterpress printing. So here it is, 10-line Cheltenham Bold Condensed with inline Wood Type. Might be extra condensed. I haven’t found a type speciman. Although it’s Hamilton, marked Two Rivers, Wis.

MArked Hamilton Two Rivers, Wis.

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